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Energy Power Greenhouse (EPG)

Dr. Ing. Brigitte Schmidt founded the association Solar Initiative MV with its project „Solar Centre M-V“, and the Soltrans GmbH Co. KG in 1997. Furthermore, she initiated the project „Solar Baltic Sea Coast“, with Germany’s first solar sea bridge, the project RENET and many other projects in this field. Currently, Dr. Brigitte Schmidt is the vice chair and a board member of the German national solar association Eurosolar e.V Deutschland, Bonn.

SMART BIOMASS HEAT - the role of bioenergy in the future

Michael Nelles is an environmental engineer. He has been a full professor of Waste and Resource Management of the Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences of the University of Rostock, Germany, from 2006 on. Since 2012, Prof. Nelles has also been the Scientific Director of the German Biomass Research Center (DBFZ) in Leipzig. He is a member of various national and international advisory boards of organisations in the field of waste management, biomass utilization and renewable energies.

Climate-friendly fuel is generated out of climate-damaging CO2

Uta Hermes has headed the public relations and the marketing of methanol energy storage start-up Gensoric from 2014. With its project „willpower energy“, the company has won the Climate CoLab Contest of the MIT in Boston/USA and other awards in 2018. She studied business administration in Bielefeld and has many years of professional experience in software industries. She founded her own company for sales and marketing consulting in 2011, acts as expert / evaluator / consultant for the EU and moderates events and congresses. She has run the business of the Hermes Immobilien GbR from 2016 on. Uta Hermes is a member of management board of the Rostock section of the economic council, has successfully participated in swimming matches and plays golf.

Mildew removal with Greentec: dehumidification with cold water

10% of Europe’s bathrooms are attacked by mould, which is mainly caused by a too high humidity level. One of the major sources of bathroom humidity is the shower which is exactly the point the DUSCHKRAFT GmbH addresses: The DUSCHKRAFT Home is installed directly in the shower and dehumidifies the air even while a shower is taken. Thus, the device prevents that mirrors steam up and efficiently protects against mould. Different from traditional dehumidifiers, the device does not need any toxic cooling agents, but is still extremely efficient.



Wood use is climate protection

Hella Stein studied at the Technical University of Dresden, at the specialisation forestry in Tharandt and at the University of Washington, Seattle, USA over six years from 1990 on. Afterwards, she worked as research assistant at the Technical University of Dresden, Institute of International Forestry and Wood Industry. She became the consultant for forestry politics affairs of the Ministry of Agriculture and Environment Mecklenburg-Vorpommern in 1999 and has, amongst others, been a member of the Alliance Wood M-V. Hella Stein has been the chair of the Regional Advisory Board Wood of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and a member of the administrative board of the regional council of the state forest Mecklenburg-Vorpommern from 2002 on.



Of all things WOOD in building industry: Implementing new requirements in terms of life cycle assessments

Gert Köhler has deepened his state of knowledge during the planning and installation of detached and semi-detached houses in breathable wooden constructions and was appointed as advisory and authorized graduate engineer for constructional overall planning, developer and licensor of the SMARTbauhaus system. He relies on the sustainability of the material wood and trusts in the Wood Charter 2,0’s ability to protect the climate, create values and efficiently protect and particularly use resources. As a member of the Regional Advisory Council Wood he contributes to the commitment for renewable raw materials even beyond the borders of the state Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

Seaweed - natural insulating materials from the Baltic Sea

Jörn Hartje has been committed to the protection of natural resources and the environment since his youth and discovered seaweed as insulation material for himself when renovating his historical house. Together with his wife, Miss Swantje Streich, he has worked on re-popularizing seaweed as insulation material with his company „Seegrashandel“ from 2012 on. More than 200 buildings, ranging from tiny house to detached passive houses have already been insulated with seaweed. Furthermore, seaweed currently enjoys great popularity as upholstery material again and two mattress manufacturers have started to produce seaweed mattresses. His slogan: make seaweed known as valuable raw material again!

From energy wastage to value-creating property management – How we can create profitable projects for only 20 billion Euros in Sweden

Mr Daniel Svensson, Msc in Technology Management, Energy Service Management i Sv AB Mr Svensson has designed energy savings projects for more than 700 million Euros in Sweden over the last 15 years. These days, he plans projects for four municipalities in southern Sweden which aim at halving the energy consumption within five years. This will generate a tax reduction for these municipalities of 250 million Euros minimum within the project life cycle.

8 YEARS of research: Real cirkulare systems for foodproduction with negative CO2 footprint Is now ready for the marked!

Knut Hovland has fifteen years of experience in waste and REN technologies and was one of the founders of Clean Tech Mid Norway in 2006. He developed a patent for making pellets from sewage to energy and fertilizer in 2008, is one of the founders of Arena Smart Grid in Norway and worked as a project management there over three years. Hovland started in 2012 where he was the sales manager. Now, he is responsible for establishing a sister organization to in Norway

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