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17 - 18 OCTOBER 2018

Conference "THE IMPACT OF CLEAN TECHNOLOGIES ON DEVELOPMENT OF CITIES AND BUSINESS" will be held in Szczecin on October 17-18, 2018.

The conference is part of a series of events under the name "Baltic Clean Technology".

The first edition of the conference ("Conference for sustainable solutions") took place in Rostock, Germany, on 28-29 September 2017.

This event will be an opportunity for an interesting discussion on the latest trends and good practices in the field of ecological solutions that may decide about the competitiveness of cities and enterprises.

This year we anticipate the participation of many entrepreneurs, politicians and scientists from different countries (especially from Sweden, Germany, Lithuania and Poland).

Keynote speakers of this year's conference will be:

Converted Local Biomass - Processing Biomass to a Valuable Solid Fuel

Dr. Thomas Sonntag-Roesing, age 48, joined Hitachi Power Europe GmbH in 2006 as a proposal manager for large turn-key EPC projects.He is a Chemical Engineer and got his Ph.D. in environmental science.After the merger between MHI Ltd. and Hitachi Ltd. in 2014 he took over the position of "Head of  Proposals". He was personally responsible e.g. for the Kozienice 11 coal fired proposal and the GTCC Zeran proposal in Poland.Beside this Dr. Sonntag-Roesing is the project manager for the "CLB - conversion activities".He is currently acting as an authorized company officier and he manages all proposal activities for the business unit "New Plants & AQCS".

Zero emission and low emission technologies in public transport. New solutions, experience and challenges

Tomasz Pyzałka, 35, has joined Solaris in 2013. In the beginning he was responsible mainly for PR, however for over 2 years, as a market analyst, he prepares reports and forecasts on the bus market with special emphasis on e-mobility. He is a coordinator of Solaris projects in the field of electromobility, such as ZeEUS and Eliptic.

Challenges in development of Waste to Energy market. Current situation vs. real needs.

Marek Mirosz joined REMONDIS Group over a year ago. He is responsible for the development of Waste-to-Energy projects in Poland. He has over 10 years of experience in the district heating and energy sectors mainly dealing with projects related to Waste-to-Energy. He participated, among others, in Public-Private Partnership projects in Poznań, Olsztyn and Gdańsk.

From Glassdump to Tourist Park

Professor in environmental technology and eco-technology. Research conducted within landfills and leachate purification, energy from waste, storage of organic materials, water- and material flow in urban areas, industrial systematic analyses industrial ecology, ground decontamination, landfill mining, Phyto-remediation, water related problems within the forest industry, environmental economy, etc. Research projects often implemented in cooperation with municipalities and companies.

I have experience of teaching and researching in over 50 countries and have been invited as a guest speaker at universities in 18 countries. Main topics have been system analysis of waste management in industries and municipalities, natural systems for wastewater treatment and river catchments analyses. I have published more than 400 reports and papers and written textbooks and produced videos in hydrology and waste management.

Municipally owned companies and the internationalization of cleantech


Dr. Wisdom Kanda holds a Ph.D. in the subject area of Environmental Management and Engineering from Linköping University, Sweden. His research focuses on stimulating the development and international diffusion of environmental innovations. He has conducted extensive research on this topic on the European Union, national and regional levels and also in developing countries. He is also an active reviewer for scientific journals such Journal of Cleaner Production, Technovation, Waste Management and Research and International Journal of Production Economics.

His current research projects are: SUPER - Supporting eco-innovations towards international markets; Interbio - Internationalization of Swedish biogas knowledge and technology and LETS-Levelling the regional and local sustainability performance through integration of the SDGs. He has conducted this research from several perspective including government policy, regional support systems, intermediaries, business models, city networks, SMES and municipally owned companies.



Improving safety in public spaces by implementing MAHSTONE photoluminescent signs onto road surface.

Joined MAHSTONE team a year ago. As a Product Engineer he implements visions and ideas of our designers. He is responsible for making prototypes, matching suitable technology of production, materials, adjusting proportions and composition.